Seamless integration with your existing IT systems

Avigilon Access Control Manager seamlessly integrates with Active Directory, HR databases and any other IT and logical security systems. This allows you to manage permissions centrally, from a single location and without any headaches. We can do this because our system was built from the ground up, with the IT professional in mind.

Easy to use – anytime, anywhere

Our Access Control Manager software is browser-based, so you can access your system anytime, from anywhere. The simple interface lets you manage multiple sites from one location, even if they’re spread across the globe. You can also assign door privileges and manage employee or visitor credentials quickly and easily, never needing to be tied to a specific workspace.

Setup in minutes

Thanks to our pre configured server, our access control solutions take only minutes to install. You’ll never have to suffer through the time-draining task of installing software on multiple workstations.

Your hardware, our system

Our access control management solutions support open field hardware from various leading manufacturers such as Mercury Security and HID. When you couple this with our retrofit programs, it enables you to leverage any past hardware installations, so your legacy investments don’t go to waste.